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Pupa is a ceramic container with wooden lid. It is designed to be a rearing bowl for giant mealworms (Zophobas morio) or multi purpose container for food etc.. The core idea of the function is that by turning the lid you can make the container air tight or you can leave blowholes for air ventilation. The main goals for its design were to create a container that would serve the purpose particularly well and provides aesthetic pleasure as part of interior.

Pupa is the final design in my bachelor thesis named “Insects as Human Food”. Purpose of the thesis was to make insect eating known and interesting through design. The method was to analyze the data available and create short ensemble of it. The goal was to make the topic easy to approach. I searched material published and made empirical observations by rearing insects.


Pupa rearing bowl promotes insects as human food. Insects are excellent food for humans and more sustainable resource of proteins and nutrions than for example beef. More information about the topic you can find from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) report, link below.


Pupa container has recieved enthusiastic reception during its short existence. Next it will be introduced to wider audience in DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2015 as one of the winners in New Talent competition.


Pupa container in media:



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